• CIVVIESUPPLY's "Bulletproof Guarantee":

"Our Customers are our Heroes." We make this our company mantra because without our customers we could never build the best patriotic apparel company in the country. We stand behind all of our products 100% and offer free returns, regardless of reason. To us, the customer is *always* right.


CIVVIESUPPLY is two brothers, together with their band of brothers in arms, all working to serve and protect our great nation the best that we can. We make gear for patriots — "civvies" that you can wear while you're off duty to show the world the pride you have in the work you do when you're on duty.

  • What's the big deal about being "officially licensed?"

We're honored to be official licensees of the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, and US Space Force for a number of reasons. By shopping with us and purchasing our collections of branch-licensed apparel, you're doing two things: first, you're supporting American jobs by purchasing 100% made-in-USA apparel, and second, you're directly supporting soldiers, sailors, and airmen, because 5-10% of every licensed-apparel purchase goes to support each branch's morale, welfare, and recreation program. Hundreds of apparel brands choose to operate without a legal license, but you can shop confidently with us, knowing part of your purchase goes to support our service members. 

  • Why isn't all of your apparel 100% made in the United States? 

Although we'd love to sell American-made apparel exclusively, the simple fact is that it's more expensive, which unfortunately out-prices some of our customers. We do everything we can do keep our apparel accessible to everyone — from newly-enlisted infantry privates to wealthy, patriotic business owners, to everyone in-between. We don't source any of our apparel from China, instead purchasing directly from American manufacturers, who produce the bulk of their apparel in Central America. At the end of the day, your CIVVIESUPPLY purchase creates a ripple effect, supporting both our veteran-owned and family-operated business and hundreds of other American individuals and businesses with whom we work. We're grateful for your understanding and support! 

  • Why are the flags on your shirts "backwards"?

On every military uniform we wear a US Flag patch, but it's oriented the opposite way you typically see the flag — in other words, it's "backwards." This is because the American Soldier always moves forward to battle to close with and destroy the enemy, so the flag streams out behind us as we carry her forward to victory.

  • What kind of shirts are these?
We made our shirts to be the last word in military-themed apparel. The shirts are super premium, with tailored sizing and luxurious, soft fabric. The designs are CIVVIESUPPLY Originals, and are hand-screenprinted with ultra high-end inks in Columbia, South Carolina and Columbus, GA. These shirts will last for years, and will become your favorite "go-to tees" that you look for every time you open your shirt drawer.
  • What are your shipping policies? 
We are proud to offer free standard shipping in the domestic United States for all orders over $50. This discount should automatically apply in your cart, but send us an email at info@civviesupply.com if you have any issues!
  • I got a shirt, but picked the wrong size. Can I return it? 

Of course! We're not happy unless you're happy. We do free returns and exchanges; you pay the return shipping on your end. Shoot us an email at info@civviesupply.com and we will take care of all the details. 

  • Some products I can add to my cart, but others say "pre-order." What's the pre-order option?

On many of our products, when we carry a product but it is temporarily out of stock, our store allows you to purchase the item as a preorder, just like any other product. So, if you don't see your preferred size/color in stock, don't worry! We are constantly producing new runs of our products here in our South Carolina workshop. Preorder now, and you will reserve your place in line for the next completed run. Preorders are typically shipped out within 3 weeks of ordering. 

  • Do y'all sell Gift Cards?

Yes! You can purchase a gift card for yourself, or gift one to someone else, through our online store. The gift cards are fulfilled digitally, and have no additional processing fees. You can find them under the "Accessories" menu tab.

  • When will my order arrive? 
We strive to fulfill every order the business day after it is placed. (Our business days are Monday-Friday, excluding national and postal holidays.) After that, it's up to the good ole mailman!
  • How can I get in touch with you guys?
If you've got any questions at all — from questions about orders and returns to questions about partnerships, future plans, and favorite watering holes — please get in touch with us! We would love to hear from you. Our email address is info@civviesupply.com, and we check it every business day.