We started CIVVIESUPPLY in 2018 to solve a straightforward problem. Despite military-inspired apparel flooding the market from powerhouse, veteran-owned companies, we struggled for years to find anything that overcame the stereotypical skull, blood, and gun-obsessed designs. Where was the classic-looking, historically-inspired patriotic apparel that championed our values and showed the world the love we have for our country? Believing veterans and patriots everywhere deserved better, we decided to make our own.

Since then we’ve operated in “lean-startup mode,” bootstrapping the business from our savings. We’ve been humbled to watch our initial “garage-based operation” grow into a legitimate enterprise which has earned sales in all 50 states and 8 foreign countries and wholesale relationships with 11 museums, including the National WWII Museum, the National WWI Museum, the National Infantry Museum, and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.

Since our first day in business, we’ve desired to use CIVVIESUPPLY as a platform to “preserve our nation’s history and steward the All-American Spirit through the creation of the world’s finest military and patriotic-inspired apparel and goods.” To us, this mission statement means honoring and remembering the service and sacrifice of all who have come before us. It means safeguarding the promise that Legends Never Die, and preserving their stories for future generations. And it means believing in Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, and accepting our responsibility of stewarding these rights and values from generation to generation.

Doing so requires a "Flags Forward" mentality. Just as the flag patches on the sleeves of our nation's military uniforms face only one direction — forward — so will we. Through trial and triumph, we remain "Flags Forward."

At the end of the day, we exist to pursue more than just apparel. And in today’s increasingly polarized society, Americans need to be reminded of what’s both valuable and important about our country. We aim to do just that.