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What drives you? It’s a tough question, but it lies at the heart of any great calling. For the four of us brothers who started CIVVIESUPPLY, what drives us is an abiding love for our country and for our family.

The United States has been called the greatest experiment in human history, and we think that it’s also been one of the most successful. Ours is a great nation that stands for liberty and justice for all, and does so more than any other country on earth.

This, and a deep appreciation for the military service of the many folks in our family who served (in every branch) before us, from WWI to Vietnam and beyond, led us to create CIVVIESUPPLY when the four of us were still actively serving our nation — three in the Army, and one in the Air Force. 

We love this country, and we decided that we wanted a better way to show that to the world. We wanted classic-looking patriotic apparel that would speak to our values, and would help us show the world what we believed. We couldn’t find it with the “patriotic” brands that were out there already, so in 2018 we started our own brand: CIVVIESUPPLY.

Since then, we’ve served thousands of customers, military and civilian, and have sold into every state in the country, plus eight foreign countries. We’re worn worldwide by classically-minded patriots who are “in the know.” We’re about doing things differently, doing things well, and — above all — we’re about showing the world that classic patriotism is, and always will be, an enduringly important national quality.

Our motto is inspired by the forward-facing flag patches on the sleeves of our nation's military uniforms. These flags look “backwards” to some but, in reality, they face forwards, streaming out behind America's sons and daughters as they charge into battle to close with and destroy the enemy. These patriots must be honored and remembered, so join us and the CIVVIESUPPLY family as we safeguard the promise that legends never die. We leave you with our motto, and also with this question, once more — what drives you?



The Brothers of CIVVIESUPPLY

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