Operation Overlord Battle Map

On June 6, 1944, the world was forever changed by D-Day (codenamed "Operation Overlord") and the bravery of the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy. Our own great-uncle was there, and we made this design to honor him and to pay tribute to him and to the brothers-in-arms who fought with him to save the free world that day.

Our design shows the landing beaches, the drop zones, the Allied landing plan, and the major inland cities and villages within the area of operations. We screenprint these premium, heavy-paper posters the old-school way — by hand — right here in our hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. This ain't no thin, cheap poster, kids. It's archival, museum-quality artwork that you can frame and pass on to your children. (Or tape it on the wall of your room in the barracks for motivation — we're good either way.)

This is the first poster in our new collaboration collection with The Government Issue Print Company, better known as G.I. Prints, a group we're excited to partner with to make the best quality posters in the country. G.I. Prints makes the most historically accurate and high quality battle maps, military posters, and historical memorabilia in the world, and takes great pride in serving warfighters, patriots, and military families across the country.

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