The CivvieSupply Origin Story

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We started CivvieSupply because we had a problem.

You probably already know by this point that we are four brothers. (If not, surprise!) As such, we spend a lot of time together. We are also all currently serving in the military — three active duty, one National Guard; three Army, one Air Force.

Over lots of conversations — and lots of beers — we realized that each of us was dissatisfied with the state of the military apparel market. We could buy seemingly unlimited numbers of shirts with designs featuring skulls, bloody rifles, tattered flags, tacky designs, you name it. It was all out there. 

No one made classy gear with the kinds of designs we wanted, though. We wanted tee shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothes we could wear on leave that would celebrate our patriotism in a classic, stylish way. 

That's why we started CivvieSupply. We now are the only company making ultra-premium apparel with designs inspired by old-school military gear. We'd like to think our World War Two veteran grandpas would have worn our gear — and we hope you'll wear it, too. 

Everything is made locally from our studio right here in South Carolina, so if you're ever in town, stop by and have a beer with us!


Franklin and Thomas (pictured) and Daniel and Kane
The Brothers at CivvieSupply

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