February 28, 2019 2 min read

Someone asked me this the other day, and I figure that if one person is asking, others are probably also wondering. So, here's why we've adopted "#flagsforward" as one of our mantras around here.

CivvieSupply Flags Forward champion crewneck patriotic military sweatshirt


Since well before I joined the military  really since as far back as I can remember  I have always loved the American flag. I've always believed that Old Glory is one of the most powerful, original, and beautiful symbols the world has ever known. 

When I used to see soldiers in uniform, though, I wondered why the flags on their sleeves looked "backwards," since they were turned opposite to what I expected. (Like a mirror image of the flag.) Well, when I got to Basic Training at Fort Benning, I quickly learned the real history behind this military useage of the flag: In the United States military, we position the flag forwards so that it appears as it would if we were carrying the flag forward into battle, with the stars and stripes streaming out behind us as as we advanced to close with and destroy the enemy.

I can't think of much that's more powerful and inspiring than that image. So when my three brothers and I were talking through how we wanted CivvieSupply to "look," we came up with the idea of honoring the glory of that history by making a CS flag that also faced "forwards." Today, that flag has become one of the most recognized elements of the CivvieSupply brand, and is appreciated by "in the know" patriots all over the country.

As both brothers and soldiers, in life the four of us believe in pursuing the things that matter. We believe in always moving forward and charging into the fray, flag streaming out behind us, as we seek to fight for what's right with our band of brothers in arms, creating together a better future for the greatest country in the world. 

And that's why we exist. #flagsforward

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